Men / Women Turf Soccer Shoes: Inspired by C.Ronaldo Shoes



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Color: Blue
Blue Red
Size: M 4.5 / W 5.5
M 4.5 / W 5.5
M 5 / W 6
M 5.5 / W 6.5
M 6 / W 7
M 6.5 / W 7.5
M 7 / W 8
M 8 / W 9
M 8.5 / W 9.5
M 9.5 / W 10.5
M 10 / W 11
M 11 / W 12
M 12 / W 13

Men and Women Turf Soccer Shoes: Inspired by C.Ronaldo Shoes

Ronaldo youth turf soccer shoes

Step up your game with our High-Quality Football Boots – the Assassin Non-Slip Futsal Indoor Soccer Shoes, designed to mirror the style of C.Ronaldo. Available in various sizes for men and kids alike, these boots are the ultimate selection for dedicated soccer players aiming to elevate their performance on the field. Discover the perfect blend of top-tier design and functionality, propelling your soccer skills to new heights.

Upgrade your gear today with this Assassin Soccer Shoes. Order now and experience the difference for yourself! 

Key Features:

  • Ronaldo Turf Soccer Shoes: Styled after C.Ronaldo's iconic shoes for added confidence.
  • Unrivaled Non-Slip Performance: Advanced technology ensures exceptional traction on indoor surfaces.
  • Optimized for Futsal and Indoor Play: Engineered for agility and responsiveness on confined courts.
  • Tailored for Adults and Women: Available in various sizes to accommodate both demographics.