Men / Women High Ankle Lightweight Turf Soccer Shoes for Indoor and Artificial Grass

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Color: Yellow
Adults High Ankle Super Lightweight Soccer Shoes Turf Boots for Indoor
Size: M 7 / W 8
M 7 / W 8
M 7.5 / 8.5 W
M 8 / W 9
M 8.5 / W 9.5
M 9.5 / W 10.5
M 9 / 10 W
M 10 / W 11
M 11 / W 12

Adults High Ankle Super Lightweight Soccer Boots for Indoor

Take your performance to new heights with these Soccer Turf Shoes. Crafted for players of all skill levels, these high ankle shoes offer optimal comfort and support for the most intense matches. Constructed with breathable materials and a cushioned insole, they keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Plus, the durable outsole provides superior traction on different surfaces. With a range of sizes and color options, they're perfect for men and women too.

Enhance your game with Indoor Soccer Shoes - get your pair now and reach the peak of your sport!

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  • Crafted from premium materials
  • Lightweight 250 grams each shoes.
  • Ankle protection and support through  knitted collar fabric.
  • Regular Fit.
  • Lace to improve adjustment.
  • Excellent traction on any playing surface.
  • Perfect for players of all ages and skill levels